Can with lid.

May be used to store:

  • any kind of cream
  • paste
  • resin, gumboil
  • snacks
  • radio parts
  • small accessories
  • small equipment for hunting and fishing
  • buttons, needles, etc

With its unique design, our can is always noticeable. It can not be confused with any other banks. The volume and size - are universal for use throughout the day. By the way, convenient jar is opened with just one click. Bank securely closed and is opened by pressing the light in a certain place, providing access to content. Thanks to its small size, a man can wear it in a pocket or bag without feeling any discomfort. Versatility can is that it can be positioned as foods (nuts, candies, dried fruits, paste) and chemical products (creams, pastes, fluxes, ointments), or just small objects (fasteners, radio, hooks, shot). Scope of our products depends only on the ease of use of your product in the package and is limited only by your imagination.

Protective film applied to the can, using a shrink, is a guarantee of first opening.

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Do you know before:

that one of the biggest advantages of the aluminium cookware it is environmental friendliness. A mere 5% of the original energy consumption is needed when remelting aluminium products.