Lolipop «Drib&Drop»

Lolipop «Drib&Drop»

We are manufacturers of the unique can, offer lolipops under "DRIB&DROP" brandname. After market research we have choosed following lolipops tastes:

  • mint
  • orange
  • banana
  • mixed (mixed different tastes exludes listed above)
Also in order of patriotic education of citiziens we offer «patriotic» can in blue/yelllow clolors filled with mix tatse lolipops.

Unique of our product is that can opens by light pressing in special place on the cover.

Lolipop Drib&Drop mix
Lolipop Drib&Drop banana
Lolipop Drib&Drop mint
Lolipop Drib&Drop mix
Lolipop Drib&Drop orange
"DRIB&DROP" lolipops offered for sale in markets of the Chernovitskiy reg. Also we can offer can with your logotype. Логотипы на баночке от УкрЭкоПак

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Do you know before:

that one of the biggest advantages of the aluminium cookware it is environmental friendliness. A mere 5% of the original energy consumption is needed when remelting aluminium products.