Foil food container

Laminated aluminium foil food container with lid. (Алюмінієвий харчовий контейнер із внутрішнім антипригарним покриттям.)

Used for:

  • portion packaging
  • transportation
  • storage
  • freeze
  • heating up
  • food supply

Lid has side handles for easy opening.

  • Material: Eco friendly aluminium foil.
  • Size: 156х100х25 mm
  • Volume: 250 cc
   Aluminium foil container:    
  • perfectly compatible with food
  • sterile and is not prone to bacterial growth
  • it has high barrier properties. Impervious to moisture, light, air, fat.
  • suitable for ordinary ovens and microwave. High thermal conductivity can instantly warm up food packed in an aluminum container. in accordance with the requirements of food in the aircraft
  • environmentally friendly, recyclable
  • has an extremely wide temperature range of use (heating to +280C, freeze to -40C)
  • very strong
  • light weight and packaging method (just nested) makes transport and storage easy and economical

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Do you know before:

that one of the biggest advantages of the aluminium cookware it is environmental friendliness. A mere 5% of the original energy consumption is needed when remelting aluminium products.